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Cooprinsem, looking to the future

Actualizado: 6 jul 2018

Written by Erick Shuffer - Tecnoandina's Software Development Manager

50 years given out an excellence service to their clients

This year, Cooprinsen becomes 50 years old. Five decades providing a service of excellence to their associates, bringing everything necessary to their costumers so they can perform better field production, when we talk about everything, we mean it. starting from veterinary medication, hardware, external hard drive, computers, through agricultural and farming construction, also lab tests for ground, water, milk, and so on.

Since the begining, Cooprinsem, from Osorno city, has worried to bring to their clients of southern Chile, not only products, but an integral service to satisfy as much requirement as posible, so they can develop their work. In spite of being cooperative, anyone can purchase in Cooprinsem, thus the market does not involve only the partners, but anyone who works in the countryside.

This is how almost 30 years ago, in a visionary move, Cooprinsem developed CLIWIN, a software for livestock management control, that allows to have a Vitae Curricula of the animal, where people can store all the data you can imagine. For instance; medication, production, nourishment, diseases, among other information.

Sergio Niklitschek, general manager, is characterized for being a visionary man, led the company to their first step to the Digital Era. Sergio and his managers team have been able to understand the new challenges that Cooprinsem will face on long and short term, to see how the change is produced, in administration and property of the productive fields in Southern Chile.

After a few months of maturation, in July 2017, Cooprinsem took on a Project and they created their own app, so their clients can have a virtual branch office on his own Smartphone, allowing to do many tasks from the comfort of their own home. Just imagine, in Southern Chile, clients have to travel long distances to get to a Cooprinsem office. Think about the impact in fuel saving, time, productivity and consequently, a better quality of living.

A new way of relationship

Since the beginning of this Project, many ideas took place. it has become an example of how to take advantage of the digitalization for business benefit. As Luis Rosales, business development director said:

“Last year, we realized that our clients are changing, a new way to do the job, another capabilities and demands, from that moment we thought about how we can provide a new experience of interaction with us. At first, we though in a app…..what at first was a digital catalog, turn to a payment platform, an online sales system, and thanks to “The internet of Things”…. a complete operational platform for our costumer.

This initiative has been conceived from strategy, it ends bringing Cooprinsem a variety of opportunities, with which generates competitive advantages and predilection among its clients. A few project’s characteristics and functionalities are:

  • E-Comerce platform. An opportunity to buy on any Smartphone, as well as Cooprinsem informs about new products and sales. As Patricio Ossandón will explain to us in a forward article, the 50 % of de B2B companies that use E-Comerce reveal that their consumers buy new products in new categories.

  • Bank accounts. Allows clients to control their state of their bank accounts and pay their bills. These operation can be done by connecting the Smartphone to SAP.

  • CLIWIN. After 30 years doing the job from clients computers, now it is time to do it from the client Smartphone.

  • Lab briefs. Just like the most moderns medical clinics in Chile, Cooprinsem clients, will be able to receive any lab brief on his smartphone.

  • Operational Platform. Installing sensors into differents dispositives, Cooprinsem clients can check any control variables of their processes, for instance, the amount of feed that are giving to the animals.

Cooprinsem, technology advertiser

Thanks to The Internet of Things, Cooprinsem is giving one step ahead of the pool of products and services they deliver. positioning itself as a technology manufacturer. This is how it has embarked on the challenge of connecting the operative equipment of his clients and including it in the operation platform of the application.

Some of the variables that can be measured, and devices that would be able to controlled.

  • Weight on the feed´s silos. Delivers de amount of feed on the silo and the load and unload behavior patterns.

  • Milk and fuel ponds levels. Gives up the level of the pond, and allows to control the load and unload course.

  • Intelligent irrigation system. It is composed of the following dispositives that can be purchased as a set or individually.

  • Humidity Sensor.

  • Solar valves. Their aperture can be programed from a Smartphone and there is no wire need.

  • Irrigation Stand control. Allows to program, from a Smartphone, the irrigation of the fields.

  • Meteorological station. Current time weather delivery. Allows to manage the irrigation fields, depending on the humidity levels and rain forecast.

  • Data collection stick. This stick is used to read the data sending from the dispositive that is inside the cow´s ear

  • Feed mixer. Allows to mix two kinds of cow´s feed. Can be managed from smartphones.

The possibilities are beyond imagination.

A partner for my proyect

To bring this proyect to life, Cooprinsem has work since half-year with TECNOANDINA, the partner who has been in charge of the application development and connecting the sensors to the equipment. A few tips for the project success.

  • A real commitment from the work team. From the general management towards down. the compromise has been total. In both, Cooprinsem and TECNOANDINA, the works has been supervised from the management offices. They are being very compromised to make available all the resources to arrange the proyect successfully.

  • Big companies + Startups: If some years ago, to be connected with Startups was desirable, today is an indispensable of any well thinking corporative essential innovation. The World of Startups gives companies speed, flexibility and access to talent, that it would be hardly used in a traditional company.

  • Client's Experience. Since 50 years, Cooprinsem has been thinking in its clients. That vision plus the Digital Era potentials, leads to take decisions that allows to get on board on a project like this one.

  • “Agile” management of the project: between both companies, the work structure has been very near to Agile management model, in which the principal can achieve the desired final product. Incorporating always new ideas and requirements that comes along the path, even when you have to re-done the job, without impacting the deadlines and costs of the project.

The result

It is soon yet to visualize the impact. The app has just been launched, and many sensors and dispositive are in the prototype stages. It will be launched in futures actualizations. Besides that, today Cooprinsem has generated a great expectation and it has positioned itself into another level in the market.

A few days from the launch, the competitors reacted in a magazine article ,they commented which initiatives are going to be in the future among highlights in the social networking as an application. But it’s too late, the first blow has been struck by Cooprinsem. Now, there is no time to waste and we are going to keep pushing to the difference so that it still grow.

On next number, we will come back with much more of this initiative.

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